Are you looking for strategies on epilepsy self-management? 

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Self-management is a newer concept to empower people to take responsibility for the quality of life while living with epilepsy. Neurological disorders can place limitations on the life experiences of some living with epilepsy, but receiving a diagnosis of epilepsy shouldn’t keep you from living your best life.  Self-management is more than properly managing your medications. It’s about having a plan, someone to help and be supportive and a network to help you manage the ups and downs of epilepsy.

In this free challenge we plan on:

  • Sharing the Latest Tips and Advice for Living Your Best Life with Epilepsy 
  • Connect You to Others in the Community 
  • Learn About the Latest in Personal Alerting Systems
  • Learn about self-care basics
  • Improving memory and stress 
  • Get some insight on best personal safety practices
  • Give You a Downloadable Resource Guides and worksheets for each lesson

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